Wood, Rust & Sea

My eyes are always drawn to items that have been worn down by age with beauty and pride. Wood, Rust and Paint are a perfect mix to create great images . As a navy man's daughter this combination takes that attraction one step beyond.

Ile de Re.jpg
“We [artists] aren't people, not the way most people are.

We're just...carriers. Little boats bringing goods from foreign lands.” ― Sam Starbuck, The Dead Isle

I mostly close in just to capture a very small part of them.

There is a quiet beauty to old shipyards and fishing boat ports. They are charged with a fascinating ambience of rich visual explorations. Their weathered and colorful wood, rusty metals, with the beautiful background blue canvas of the ocean and the sky, continue to tell a story of times gone by while they float silently in the continued ebb and flow of the tides. It is certainly a photographer's paradise!

Numbers at Sea.jpg

Wood & Rust