"I love intense and vibrant colors"

and that is perhaps the main reason that inspired me to make this series of images where I act only as an alchemist, creating and mixing on work that others have already done. In this sense this gallery of works are not of photography of my authorship but are a result of my manipulation of them. This series that I wanted to call; "Pop Graffiti" is inspired mostly by the combination of two contemporary artistic movements for which I feel real fascination: Pop Art and Graffiti from Street Art.

Pop artists used as protagonists of their works everyday objects that had become new symbols, media idols, political figures, comic strips, mass production objects, and one of their main strategies consisted in decontextualizing them, take them out of their natural context, intervene and transform them into a new work, a work of art. As for Street Art and Graffiti, I have spent numerous days and many, many hours visiting favorite locations in Paris, New York and Miami where urban artists gather to do their work, always enjoying the creativity, the colors and certainly no less the transgresive nature of their art. These are very decorative images that look amazing on a wall and love to be the center of attention so the bigger, the better!

My photographic work in the last twelve years

has had reflections as its main theme. In showcases, at sea, in swimming pools, in the rain. But perhaps beyond identifying or defining myself with this theme, it is the color of my images that in my opinion characterizes it most.