Punta Cana.jpg
"I am fascinated by the forms"

that the female silhouette and clothing take under water. The distortion, the prismatic colors, the strange, sensual, disturbing and infinitely complex images where the gaze risks getting lost. Reflections, colors, movement, fluidity, transparency, distortion... everything is conjugated and conjured in images that seek to immerse the viewer in the ineffable beauty of this liquid world.

The theme of underwater

female forms was born from the need to find a new source of inspiration, a different look from the urban that defined most of my previous work during my life in Paris. Returning to the island, I needed to find something that would captivate me and awaken my creativity and what was always constantly imposed on my mind as an evidence was water. Water as essential. Water as a source of life, as an element engraved in the psyche of every islander. Water as evasion and filter between dream and reality, border between the real and the illusory, not so different in essence from the playful universe of my reflections in showcases.